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By entering your gift amount in the MAKE A DONATION box below, you are helping us move forward in inner healing ministry to thousands. We at CRA are committed to share God's message of Inner Healing and wholeness through Jesus Christ with everyone––freely. In order to do this successfully, we need your help and partnership.  We believe in this ministry, and we hope you will join us in support of this vital and worthwhile mission by pledging your monthly or one-time gift.  
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How to Leave A Legacy

You may be considering ways to share with others while also making the most of your charitable donations. No matter what age you are, creating a lasting legacy that embodies your Judeo-Christian values and ideals is an excellent and thoughtful way to bless the work of inner healing ministries for future generations.  

Through a bequest to Christian Renewal Association, lnc, you can support the vital programs and activities of CRA while also reducing your personal estate taxes.  

Please consider using the language below to leave a gift in your will or living trust to CRA, an organization that has committed itself for more than 46 years to making a difference through renewal, empowerment, and inner healing concepts that build God’s Kingdom.  

“I give and bequeath to Christian Renewal Association, Inc. (USA), a 501-c-3 nonprofit corporation, with its principal office in Edmonds, Washington, the sum of $ ___________________ to be used for its general charitable purposes. If you do not wish to specify an amount, you may use a residuary bequest that is stated as a percentage of your estate.  

For more information, please call Dr. Rita Bennett, Co-founder & CEO at 425-775-2965; or by email at; or by mailing a check to:

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