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To Heaven and Back 
by Rita Bennett

There is nothing like this book on the market. It is unique and God-given. It is a safe, biblically sound book on near-death experiences (NDEs) that brings healing to the bereaved. Eight million people have had NDEs and so many of the hurting read books on this subject, yet few are biblically based or balanced.

Rita Bennett is a researcher on the subject of Heaven. She has studied every reference to Heaven in the Bible, going into the Hebrew and Greek meanings. Through this she has gleaned new details somehow missed before. She has even drawn pictures of Heaven to get a better understanding and has had a professional artist do more complete, and inspiring Pictures of Heaven.

Here are just a few of the glowing responses to this important book:

"Spectacular… in Rita Bennett's book To Heaven and Back, heaven becomes alive, understand-able, and very desirable."  (Pat Robertson, CBN)

"A host of hungry, grieving and searching souls are needful of the comfort available through such a compassionate resource as this. My pastoral heart for the hurting is pleased to be able to tell people about this book."  (Jack W. Hayford, D.Litt.)

"This is the most comforting book I've ever read. I've had an NDE and on each page I'd say; 'so that's what it means.' Your book put all the pieces of the puzzle together."  (Ellen, Minnesota)

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Jack Hayford interviews Rita at TBN on her book, To Heaven and Back.