A New Look at the News
by Dr. Rita Bennett

For more than six years, Dr. Bennett was a Worship Columnist for The Edmonds Beacon newspaper. She wrote 190 columns about the news of the day in 393 pages. These creative topics were often divinely inspired and some developed into a biblical teaching series. She wrote in series on 18 devotional topics, including seven columns on Rita’s own challenging, life’s story.  A New Look at the News is a recent update of these insightful columns. 

What does a New Look at the News mean?  This news is "Healing News" because its inspiration is based on the best selling book of all time – The Holy Bible.  Use this books for your own devotions and to teach your family a healthy way to live and think.  

Billy Graham’s son, Rev. Ned Graham, endorses the book saying, "Please pay attention to Rita’s latest book, a compilation of her writing in The Edmonds Beacon newspaper. In the pages of this book, you will find jewels to be mined, thoughts to be chased after, and wonderful truths that set free."
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A New Look at the News Book & Bible Study Guide Index for 18 Topics is now available with each book purchased!
A New Look at the News -- Rita mentioned "our lives are about being test-ready, and that "failure is a stepping stone to success of the Spirit" [quotes taken from her book A New Look at the News​, page 74 and 76]. I am regularly reading A New Look at the News. Thank you for your ministry, love, and prayers.      -- Mary Lu R.

Recommended Book
Getting From Here to Eternity by Kyle D. Huckins
"Huckins filters the news through the Spirit and the Word, and his Jesus-filled glasses.  What he distills for you are nuggets of truth that will put you on the right path and lead you in 'getting from here to eternity.'"  See  (quote from book's back cover by Rita Bennett)
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