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A Biblical Taste of Inner Healing DVD
by Dr. Rita Bennett

This Biblical Taste of Inner Healing DVD (37 minutes) provides an overview of Dr. Rita Bennett’s Emotionally Free Basic 16-hour Course. It highlights her classic book, You Can Be Emotionally Free.  
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DVD Description

1. God’s Word Works  We can be Emotionally Free through Jesus Christ. He proclaimed in John 3:7 “Do not marvel that I said to you “You must be born again.’” The Lord Jesus is not only speaking to the Pharisee, Nicodemus, but to all people who will ever be born on the earth. Why is this true? Adam and Eve, earth’s first parents, sinned by breaking the First Commandment when a false god was chosen and believed. The serpent tempted them to eat from the Forbidden Tree from which God had commanded them not to eat. In Exodus 20:3 God says, “You shall have no other God’s before Me.” They had obeyed the Serpent rather than their Creator God and consequently died spiritually. This gave away their rule over the entire earth. All humans from then on were born in sin, so all “Must be Born Again.” This situation is called, “The Temptation and the Fall of Man.” To be saved from God’s eternal judgment–His only Son, Jesus Christ, would eventually have to be born on earth, be Crucified, and shed His blood for our sins.  

2. Pray as the Holy Spirit Leads  The Holy Spirit is the One who often gives unique direction and insight to individuals, couples or families. While we strive intellectually, we should remember how valuable a spiritual connection is with God Almighty.  

3.  A Biblical Taste of Inner Healing  Sharing this DVD with people will help them understand the important soul-healing message that is available for every child of God. In our busy world, one may not have time to become proficient in “Healing the Whole Person” concepts. This DVD will speed up your learning curve.

4. Definitions of Inner Healing  Rita’s favorite definition of Inner Healing is “learning to practice the Presence of Jesus in your past as well as your present, helping you to forgive everyone and setting you free to live in the present at your fullest potential.” Living the Inner Healing Life with the empowering gifts of the Holy Spirit will give you the power to believe that “All things work together for good, to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” You look for it, expect it, and see it (Romans 8:28 NKJV).

5. It Changes the History of Your Heart  The Trinity is omnipresent, and so, God is, and was, already there. All we need to do is to acknowledge our healing Lord as there in those past memories––and allow Him to make Himself know to us. We allow Him to do the work of healing our souls that He has wanted to do all along. For example, God does not change the actual history of our parent’s decision to divorce. They have been given free wills. But as we pray, we give our Lord our wounded heart and memories to heal. God won’t make the parents stay together, though Scripture says, “God hates divorce.” But He lets us know that He will walk with us in our grief. He will restore our souls and “change the history of our hearts.” Fortunately, the enemy of our souls is not and never will be omnipresent. Though the Destroyer was in the past hurtful memory, he no longer has access to our past wounds when we’re in healing prayer. Jesus is our Omnipresent Lord.  

6.  Jesus Loves to Heal Children  Jesus was contacted by a man who explained that his child for many years experienced an unseen force that would throw his boy into a fireplace to burn him up, or into a body of water to drown him. The father was always on the alert to rescue his son. His son was now depressed and fearful not knowing what would happen to him next. Jesus asked the father to bring his son to Him. “Jesus asked, ‘How long has this been happening to him? And the father said, ‘From childhood’” (Mark 9:21). This is an important point Jesus is making. The enemy of our souls wants to terrorize and if possible destroy our children. You as a Christian must learn about casting out evil spirits when necessary. This we call “Deliverance Prayer” and goes with Inner Healing Prayer. To get to the root of a problem, you can follow Jesus’ example and ask, “When did it begin?” This would be a good place for you to begin praying either an Inner (soul) Healing prayer or a Deliverance Prayer. 

Jesus said to the father, “if you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.“ Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, saying to it, “Deaf and dumb spirit, I command you to come out of him and enter him no more” (Mark 9:25b). The boy was immediately healed. It is important to put on the Armor of God in prayer before entering into Deliverance Prayer.  

7. Talking Does Not Totally Heal, but is a Valuable part of Healing When we come together to pray for one another, it is important to be open in sharing, but to also remember situations that are healed need to be kept confidential. If the person who is healed wants to share publically, that is their right to do so. As our Wounded Inner Child is healed, our Creative Child is set free to grow up into Christ. The healed inner child may find freedom in music, writing their story, begin to write poetry, create songs, play an instrument, be a missionary, teach Sunday School, minister to the needy, etc. Life becomes more fulfilling as one studies the Bible. God will be with you all the way on your own Healing Journey and fill your life with His presence.  

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