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Heaven Tours -- Astonishing Journeys
by Rita Bennett

This book provides the reader with glimpses into eternity by sharing fascinating stories of people who have personally toured Heaven or had near-death experiences in which they have witnessed eternal glories and heavenly realities. You will be comforted, thrilled and inspired as you read.

Best-selling author, Rita Bennett, in 1997 wrote the first Christian oriented book on Near-death Experiences (NDE). To Heaven and Back sold over 200,000 (Zondervan).  Now she's back with a second Heaven book called Heaven Tours--Astonishing Journeys (Bridge-Logos, 2009). The stories are exciting, faith building, and healing.

Liz Glover, Professor of Physical Education at the University of Oregon, is an example. Dr. Glover then newly retired, decided to do a walking marathon. After the race, while in a comatose state, a nurse held a phone to her ear for prayer to save her life.

Forrest Messenger as a teen was disillusioned when his parents divorced. He smoked marijuana, took LSD and had a Near-death Experience. He walked through a shining tunnel into Heaven and God gave him a second chance. Now as a successful CPA and father, he has a life-changing message.
Jack Hayford interviews Rita at TBN on her book, To Heaven and Back.
There are eight other exciting real life stories. In the middle of the book, are seven newly created, inspiring pictures of Heaven. This is the first book on the subject of Heaven that has original color illustrations of Heaven, and a commentary for each!

The second part of the book has prophetic emphasis as Rita gives well-researched teachings from Jesus' final words from Heaven to earth. This is found in her comprehensive teachings from The Seven Churches in the book of Revelation, chapters 2 and 3. In chapter 19 of Heaven Tours, the Church of Philadelphia has prophetic revelation from words Jesus spoke about His return for faithful Believers.

Then you do not want to miss the concluding chapter that helps you envision your calling on earth, and your walk on the Streets of Gold to a face-to-face meeting at the throne of God. You'll experience Almighty Father, beloved Son, comforting Holy Spirit, and "you." This chapter climatically brings it all together.

Humans are busy investing in life, but not often eternal life. This book will help you do both. It will teach you much more about your greatest adventure ahead!
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