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Tel: 425-775-2965
Dr. Rita Bennett is known internationally for her work in Emotional and Spiritual Healing. Teaching and rehabilitation backgrounds equip well for her calling to heal the broken in heart and soul.  Her healing ministry has taken her to eleven countries where she has spoken on television, seminaries, retreats, and taught in hundreds of churches.  

In addition to writing twelve books and seven Course syllabi, there are other ways she brings God’s healing love to people. She teaches, and trains others to teach. 

Rita is a professional counselor in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as her own therapy of Inner Healing (soul) Prayer. Dr. Bennett was awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree from Oral Robert's University in May, 2012.  She also has a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and provides private counseling in this area, a well as her own developed therapy of Emotional Healing Prayer-Counseling.  

At present her major books are: 

  • You Can Be Emotionally Free, 100,000 copies
  • The Holy Spirit and You, 500,000 copies
  • Heaven Tours–Astonishing Journeys, 2009 release

Her courses include: 

  • Emotionally Free Basic and Advanced Courses (32 hours)
  • The Holy Spirit and You Gifts Course (14 hours)
  • The Lord’s Prayer brings Healing Course (14 hours)
  • The Hebrew Alphabet Course (10 hours)
  • The Emotionally Free Basic Media Course (16 hours)
  • The Emotionally Free Basic Messianic Course (16 hours)

Rita, widow of Dennis Bennett, hosted a bimonthly Northwest television program ten years, was a local paper columnist for six years, and resides in Edmonds, Washington as president and co-founder of Christian Renewal Association, Inc. 

Dr. Rita Bennett, LMFTA
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