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Emotionally Free Courses and Seminars 

If you want more help on your healing journey, Rita Bennett has developed a 32-hour Course called Emotionally Free®. It includes two attractive, indexed, illustrated syllabi of 125 pages each. The first course is Basic (16 hours) and the second course is Advanced (16 hours). She teaches the non-denominational National Emotionally Free Course annually in Edmonds, Washington and those trained with her can teach it in their own locations.  A list of teachers are listed on the Teachers page. 

What is Inner or Soul Healing Prayer?  It's a supernaturally effective way to deal with emotional difficulties and spiritual struggles which have not been resolved through the usual process of spiritual growth and maturity.  This prayer-counseling differs from traditional psychological counseling in that issues are encountered under the guidance of God's Spirit and resolved during prayer (spoken and listening), and through the means of spiritual gifts.

Who Should Attend?  Adult men and women, teens 16-18 years with parent, laity and clergy, all races, couples preparing for marriage and those wanting to strengthen their marriage, parents needing help for their children, all who need healing from hurts in life.  

Basic Class Topics                                                       Advanced Class Topics
Who you really are (triune nature)                                                          Dealing with Fears and Traumas 
Walking in the light, and turning from that which binds you                    Dealing with Anger and Traumas
Healing your childhood memories (your inner child)                              Journey to Wholeness
Learning to forgive, not being told but shown how to do it                     Release from Losses in Life
Healing life's hurts, your adult wounds, traumas of life                          Prenatal and Birth Memories
Preparing to help others, including your loved ones                              How to Pray Prenatal/Natal Prayers
Whole armor (binding and loosing prayers)                                           Preparing to do the Work
Spiritual warfare (deliverance)                                                               Deeper into Prayer / Prayer Practicum

Additional Benefits - Teaching by trained leaders from syllabus and scriptures; Facilitator led small-group discussions and inner healing prayer; graduation certificate and anointing service; leadership training for those who desire it.