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Emotionally Free for Professionals Course 

Rita Bennett has launched the 22-hour Emotionally Free for Professionals Course (EFPC) for professional counselors and Emotionally Free® lay-counselors. The 100-page syllabus was written by Rita Bennett and three contributing authors as cited in the Acknowledgements. The first presentation of the course was in 2012, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Lynnwood, Washington.  

What is the Emotionally Free for Professionals Course? 
It provides large group teaching with small groups application to deal with emotional and spiritual struggles that clients and individuals may have. EFPC provides a detailed syllabus for the professional counselor or lay-counselor that is the third level of our Emotionally Free teaching series. It also provides time in small groups for all counselors to share their own needs if desired.  

Who Should Attend? 
Professional counselors in Washington state can receive 12 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) authorized and approved by the Washington Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (WAMFT). In addition to the professionals listed below, the course is recommended for mental health educators and students. Qualified professionals for CEU credit include: 

  •  LMFT  –  Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists
  •  LMHC – Licensed Mental Health Counselors
  •  LICSW – Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  •  CC – Certified Counselors
  •  LMFTA – Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associates
  •  LASW – Licensed Associate Social Workers

Lay-counselors who have successfully completed both the Emotionally Free Basic and Advanced Courses are qualified and welcomed to attend this course. Pastorial leaders are encouraged and invited to attend. A Certificate of Achievement is issued upon successful completion of this course.  

Emotionally Free for Professionals Course Topics

1.   A Servant Leadership Heart: Becoming a Leader
      Becoming a Leader
      Examples of Leadership
      Creative Group Development

2.   The Emotionally Free® Basic and Advanced Course Overview
      How the Emotionally Free Basic Course Began
      How Emotionally Free Advanced Began
      How to Become a Certified Washington State Counselor

3.    Professional Ethics, Law and History
      Five Principles for Self Evaluation
      Concerns & Questions Regarding RCW Revisions
      The Ethics of Faith

4.   Heart Matters and Wholeness – Healing Broken Hearts
      Loving With a Broken Heart
      A Divided Heart
      Forgiving From the Heart

5.   Communications Skills and Practice
     Rules for Encounter
     Resolving Difficult Communication
     Stages of Group Development

6.   Practical Approach to DID (Multiple Personality Disorder MPD)
     What MPD (DID) is; How it Develops
     Requirements for MPD Counselors
     What to do it MPD is Suspected

7.   Depression and What to Do About It
     Definition of Depression
     A Brief History
     Kinds of Depression

8.   Bipolar Dissorder Answers and Suicide Prevention
     Discouraged Professionals
     Bipolar Finds Answers
     DB Therapy and More

9.   Narrative Therapy and Integrative Approaches
     Narrative Therapy Defined
     Maps Help Understanding
     Integrative Approach

10. Sexual Addiction & Understanding Substance Addiction
     Defining Addictions
     Treatments for Wounded
     The Road to Recovery 

11. Counselors Need Healing Too
     Counselors Need Counseling Also
     Ideas for Self Nurturing
     Getting Enough Rest