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Holy Spirit & You Gifts Course 

The Holy Spirit and You Gifts Course is a unique, comprehensive 14-chapter Biblical Course written by international leaders in the Renewal of the Holy Spirit, The Rev. Dr. Dennis Bennett, and Dr. Rita Bennett. 

“When in 1960, Father Dennis Bennett announced to his congregation that he had experienced a new outpouring of God’s Spirit … the renewal movement of the Holy Spirit can be said to have begun.” 1973 Yearbook of the Encyclopedia Britannica. 

The books that go with The Holy Spirit & You Gifts Course are Nine O’clock in the Morning, originally in 16 languages – Fr. Bennett’s inspiring autobiography, and The Holy Spirit and You, written by the Bennett’s continues helping countless individuals understand and live the Spirit-filled life. 

Dennis and Rita were married in1966 and traveled to nine nations together teaching on the saving, healing and empowering work of God’s Holy Spirit. In 1991 Rev. Bennett was received into Heaven when his work on earth was completed. 

Since then, Rita has continued as President and CEO of the Bennett legacy and ministry at Christian Renewal Association, Inc. in Edmonds, WA. Dennis’s archives are located at Regent University Library, at Virginia Beach, VA. Rita received her honorary Doctor of Letters degree from ORU University in 2012.  

Study with Dennis and Rita Bennett and let their timeless messages guide you in your study of God’s supernatural gifts. 

Fourteen Topics for the Holy Spirit & You Gifts Course Include:
The First Step (Salvation) 
The Overflow
What Do the Scriptures Say?
Preparing to Receive Baptism In or With the Spirit
How to Receive the Baptism In the Spirit
Introduction to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
The Gifts of Tongues and Interpretation
The Gift of Prophecy
The Gifts of Healing
The Working of Miracles
The Gift of Faith
Supernatural Gift of Discerning of Spirits
The Word of Knowledge • The Word of Wisdom
Living Fully Empowered

Additional Benefits - Teaching by trained leaders from syllabus and scriptures; Facilitator led small-group discussions and inner healing prayer; graduation certificate and anointing service; leadership training for those who desire it.