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A New Look at the News -- Hi, this is to ask about something in an email that Rita mentioned "our lives are about being test-ready, and that "failure is a stepping stone to success of the Spirit" [quotes taken from Rita's book A New Look at the News​, page 74 and 76].  I am regularly reading A New Look at the News.  Thank you for your ministry, love, and prayers.  (You can order a copy of A New Look at the News by visiting our online store,, or clicking here.)                                                                    -- Mary Lu R.

Holy Spirit Miracle -- I am writing a message about God's miracle to us through you and Rev. Dennis.  I give many thanks to God for His marvelous outpouring of His Holy Spirit upon my wife and myself back in 1990.  My wife and I read Kenneth Hagin's book on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and we prayed for the baptism, but nothing happened.  I was then led to fast for three days (something I had never done before), and a few days later, I happened to walk into a Christian bookshop and on one of the shelves was Rev. Bennett's book, How to Pray for the Release of the Holy Spirit--the only copy on the shelf (praise God!)  We went home to read the book, and it was a blessed enlightenment.  The next morning around 6:00 am after we prayed the prayer in the book, we both received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.  I was brought up as an Anglican/Episcopalian where in my primary years, I served in the church, and was led by my mother to receive the Lord as my Savior.  

I joined the Pentecostal Fellowship after 1990 and since then, I have been on the evangelistic trail for the Lord, fulfilling what He willed for me back in 1985 when He commissioned me to "do the work of an evangelist ..." (II Timothy 4:5).  A great many thanks to God for using you and your husband to bless us in a miraculous way!                                                   -- Nai David T.

His Grace and Power -- At about the age of fifty, I began to notice the word empowered when I came across it in scripture. In my mind a question seemed to repeat itself, Where is the power? About the same time we had become very much aware of a big change in my sister, Irma's, attitude. She had been depressed and negative. Now she seemed happy and fulfilled. When questioned about it, she related how much she was receiving from attending a church in Seattle that was by all accounts alive and thriving with the Holy Spirit. I couldn't seem to get enough from the books and tapes which she sent.

Irma's priest, the Rev. Dennis Bennett, and his wife, Rita were scheduled to speak in Midland, Texas. We drove to Midland to the event even though my husband, Amos, was skeptical about this infilling of the Holy Spirit.  Rev. Bennett gave a very informative, persuasive and inspirational talk of how much more meaning the Holy Spirit had given to him for his ministry, and for everyday living. We both decided to go to the alter for prayer to receive this baptism. There was no ecstatic experience, nothing extraordinary, but a deep peace was present as we drove home that evening! The crisis that came with each day or week were no fewer or of no less intensity, but He was and is always there in His grace and power.                                   -- Dorothy Gaume, 2012

Survival -- When I first became a Christian back in 1989, I remember reading Emotionally Free, and it was a king pin to my survival as a Christian.           -- Chriss B., New Zealand, 2012

Brought Freedom and Encouragement -- Thank you for your words of encouragement and letting me know about your latest book--I will definitely get Heaven Tours. I wanted to share with you how I came across To Heaven and Back.  My husband and I were on an errand and out of the blue, he asked if I wanted to go to the Goodwill while he went to an auto parts store.  I wanted to look for a furniture item and so I was dropped off.  The Lord spoke to my heart that I needed to go to the books, and I had this sudden yearning to read.  I have been attempting to write my story at the time, and I wanted to read something spiritual, but didn't know what. There was a cart in the aisle containing videos and books, and on the very top was your book.  I knew immediately I was to buy and read that book.  It has brought such freedom and encouragement!  I am attempting to write a testimony book on the life of my son, Andrew.  -- Debra J., 2012

Started Exercising and Eating Right -- My name is Alice and I am all the way from Africa-Kenya (Nairobi).  I read your book, You Can Be Emotionally Free and it touched such a deep cord in my heart that I knew I would move heaven and earth to experience that kind of healing in my life.  I have started the journey one painful step at a time.  I am clinically obese and it has destroyed my self-esteem, but through your book, I've started exercising and eating right.  I discovered I don't have to live in the terror and humiliation of discrimination and self-loathing.  I love you Rita and pray that the Lord will continually use you and fill your life with love and laughter.                                                                                   -- Alice, Nairobi, Africa, 2011

Dennis Bennett Will Never Die -- All of your giving of yourself through this ministry at ORU, including your books and tapes, mean that Dennis Bennett will never die but has reproduced himself for those living and still unborn.                                        -- Oral Roberts, 1987

Full of Miracles and Healing -- I have just finished reading your joint book, The Holy Spirit and You.  It is a great and most thorough piece of work for the Lord, and I commend you.  Also, I have read Nine O'clock in the Morning for the second time.  It is my kind of book in that it is action-packed.  A real page-turner--just full of miracles, healings and workings of the Holy Spirit Baptism.                                                                                  -- Francis D., 2011

Wonderful Life-changing Materials -- This letter is a thank you for studying and gathering all this wonderful life-changing material and putting it into engaging books and understandable seminars and notebooks!  I am so grateful for what you and your husband were willing to risk and for the ways you have been faithful in carrying forth this vision and calling all these years. 
                                                                                               -- Doreen D., Bellevue, WA

Continue in Ministry -- Continue with your ministry.  God's spiritual gift to you is an ability to be gentle and truthful when faced with sin and brokenness.  You helped me invite Jesus into my sin and brokenness, and that will be with me the rest of my life.   -- Richard, Pittsburgh, PA

Personal Pain and Soul Searching -- When I first started in ministry, I would have to say it hindered me because I felt so many expectations.  I went through some deep personal pain and real soul searching.  Then my wife, Christina, introduced me to one of her close friends, Rita Bennett. Through my friendship with her, I got involved in the whole process of inner healing.  Understanding the work of the Holy Spirit and accepting all the gifts of the Holy Spirit has really transformed my life. (Quote from Charisma Magazine, July 2005)  -- Ned Graham

Heaven Tours - Astonishing Journeys -- Heaven, we all want to go there but what do we really know about it? Heaven Tours is a refreshing view of Heaven, based on the Bible and especially on the Book of Revelation.  It is a real place with gates and walls, rivers, angels, buildings, and a majestic throne of God.        -- Robert Sivigny, Librarian, Regent University, VA
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