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The Rev. Dr. Bruce Makowski, LMFT

 Holy Trinity Old Catholic Church
Canby, Oregon USA
The Emotionally Free® Course has become a part of the ministry training at Holy Trinity Old Catholic Church. My responsibility as Pastor is to train, release, and supervise dedicated and Spirit-empowered prayer counselors who will bring the good news that Jesus Christ loves people, heals the brokenhearted, and sets the captives free. Testimonies and changed lives reveal that God continues to use Rita Bennett's Emotionally Free Course to lavish His healing grace upon hurting men, women, and children.  

In July 1998, God began a wonderful work of "soul healing" in my life through Rita's ministry and the Emotionally Free Basic Course. Years of emotional hurt, unforgiveness, and anxiety were washed away in the presence of our Savior. As a result, I encouraged others to join me as we learned, experienced, and shared our healing encounter with others in our congregation. A prayer counselor team was formed, trained, and continues to minister to our community by offering the Emotionally Free Basic Course, as well as individual prayer sessions.

Several years later, I am excited that many people continue to report miracles of healing in their lives. To God be the glory!