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From the heart and soul of President and CEO

Dr. Rita Bennett, LMFTA
Christian Renewal Association, Inc.
Best Selling Author and Inner Healing Teacher
International Speaker and Course Developer
Dr. Rita Bennett lives in Edmonds, Washington. Her home is flanked by mountain ranges: the Olympic Mountains seen from her western window, the Cascade Mountains to the east, Mount Rainier to the south, and Mount Baker to the north.  It is no wonder that one of her favorite scriptures is: I will lift up my eyes to the hills, from where my inner strength comes (Psalms 121:1 KJV mod). 

Rita Bennett, widow of The Rev. Dr. Dennis J. Bennett, has served as President and CEO of Christian Renewal Association Inc. (CRA) since Dr. Bennett's passing in 1991. Rita and Dennis married in 1966. In 1970 she assisted him in writing his first book Nine O'clock in the Morning. It was eventually published in 14 languages.

Rev. Dennis and Rita Bennett had 25 fruitful years of marriage and ministry in nine nations, including many states in North America. They were a writing and traveling, empowering and healing team. Rita had begun an Inner (Soul) Healing ministry in 1976. When Dennis retired from Church leadership in 1981, their ministries migrated to Edmonds, where they became parishioners of St. Alban's Episcopal Church.

Going it Alone Alone since 1991, Rita soon took up the Spirit-directed charge to continue leadership in the organization Dennis and Rita had begun in 1968, CRA, Inc. Rita Bennett has written 12 books on four major topics:

the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit
exciting stories and biblical proof of Heaven
finding wholeness through the Lord's Prayer
transformation of one's soul through Inner Healing Prayer

What surfaced as the most needed ministry is Emotional Healing through prayer and biblical counselling. Rita was invited, but not led to the ordained ministry. She sees Bible Study as her foundational life's calling. She has formally studied eight years with Bible Study Fellowship, International, and two with Kay Arthur's Precept classes, for example.

Rita says, "My life is on Route 66 to study the entire Bible in depth during my lifetime. She would like us all to get on this Bible Study Road. Her Hebrew studies keep her inspired as she often, through them, mines gold nuggets in God's Word.

Teaching Others to Teach  Rita has trained unnumbered thousands of leaders in Inner Healing Prayer, and many more have been guided by these very leaders who have in turn taken up the call to train others. 

What is unique about Rita is that she has a teaching gift that motivates her as she prepares and constantly updates syllabi for students to use in many parts of the world. She is not only teaching Emotionally Free materials herself, but takes the time to teach others to teach.

The Emotionally Free® Courses, developed from her book, You Can Be Emotionally Free, are being taught in East and South Africa, New Zealand, and hopefully soon in Asian counties. 

She says, "In prayer, take Christ's hand and let Him lead you into wholeness. He wants His people whole. Following her third trip to Israel in 2005, the Holy Spirit uniquely guided Rita to go back to the University to receive her Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. The third candlestick of the Menorah is Counsel and that is God's calling to her personally (Isaiah 11:1,2).

Rita Bennett is a Servant Leader who works as a volunteer in her own organization. There are many good ways to serve God with one's life, and this is hers. 

In all my dreams, I never anticipated receiving an Honorary Doctorate degree from a university.  In 2005, I had a calling from the Holy Spirit shortly after I returned from Israel that I should apply for a Master of Arts degree in the field of counseling. I am a former teacher and social worker, and had worked with Dennis in pastoral care for 15 years at St. Luke's in Ballard, Washington. But here the Spirit was urging me to go further in my own developed therapy of Emotionally Free® prayer and counseling.     

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