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by Dr. Rita Bennett  •  MAR2015
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Sunday evening, March 15, I happened to watch “Finding Jesus” a series on CNN. One of the six programs is called, “The Gospel of Judas.” That surprised me, as I could not imagine Judas being honored to write a book of the Bible. However, some University scholars have been studying the codex ancient fragments that they believe are authentic. 

The 26 or more pages of papyri written first in Greek and then also in Coptic print, with a study of the ink writing and carbon dating, comes to the dates of AD 400 or 300. These dates are centuries after Jesus’ death and ascension, which lessens their Biblical value.  Looters in Egypt found this book’s ancient pages. 

First of all, to me it’s not a Gospel written by Judas. Gospel means Good News about Christ’s birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension, and these erroneous gnostic secret writings are to me not good news. If Judas Iscariot wrote this booklet, it would have had to be preserved for several centuries. There is no proof of whom the author or writer was but its message is extra-biblical, or outside the Bible.

In the writings, Judas indicates that he was Jesus’ best friend, [that leaves out John], and for that reason Jesus instructed him to be His betrayer to the Sanhedrin Leaders. The supposed purpose was to make sure that Jesus’ crucifixion would fulfill the Messianic Scriptures of the Old Testament for becoming the sacrifice for all mankind.  Since Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life,” God’s Son, Jesus, is not a deceiver who would do such a thing as to make this deceptive “deal” with Judas (John 14:6).  

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​The TV presentation created by National Geographic in conclusion shows Jesus’ disciples as a rowdy bunch of sinful, sexually deviant men who were not really dedicated to Jesus.  Men, Jesus had to severely reprimand.

Interesting that the show on CNN did not mention how eleven of Jesus’ twelve disciples became martyrs in support of their Savior and His Kingdom. And John, the twelfth disciple, was for many years in prison on the small Isle of Patmos writing the Gospel of John, three Epistles of John, and The Book of Revelation. John was not on a fun Greek vacation! There he suffered for his faith near the end of his life.

Jesus’ disciples, now Apostles, are heroes to me. Their names are even written on the stone walkways to the twelve gates leading into Heaven... (Bennett, Rita, Heaven Tours, p.146, FL, Bridge-Logos.)

Bible Scholar, Daniel Wallace says, "Irenaeus was right, this is a fake gospel which promotes a heretical idea about Jesus of Nazareth.” 

Daniel B. Wallace biblical scholar, interview by The Christian Post, April 11, 2013. 
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Also see “The Gospel of Judas’ Exposed! Jesus is The National Geographic Society owns the codex of the book of Judas. See Jon Christian Ryter commentary, April 9, 2006.

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