The Exciting Festivals of Our Lord
by Dr. Rita Bennett  •  MARCH 2017

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This year we are in the Jewish Year of 5777.  In Biblical numbers these can represent: Five as the number of Grace, Seven represents the number of perfection. Three is called the signature of God. Three 7’s then can represent our Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Or in Hebrew can be said: Adonai, Yeshua, and Ruach HaKodesh. 

For this reason the Jewish Year Calendar is especially interesting to me. There are also seven Jewish Festivals every year and Jesus celebrated them in all the years He lived on Planet Earth. Unfortunately I was never taught this in the early years of my life. So glad to know them now in my senior years! Jesus’ official ministry as Rabbi began at age 30.
It lasted 3½ years on earth. So He celebrated them about 234 times as a child and adult. Observant Jews and knowledgeable Christians also celebrate the Seven Festivals (or Feasts) annually today. 

Leviticus chapter 23 records a synopsis of “The Seven Festivals of God” given first to Moses and to Israel, and then to all of us who believe. Author Rev. Dan Goodwin says, “These seven Feasts are the Bible’s built-in prophetic calendar.” He also says, “If you will get an understanding of them (Seven Feasts) it will greatly enlighten your view of future events.” I agree. See his book God’s Final Jubilee, p. 70.  

Those who have studied the meaning of these Festivals/Feasts will realize that Jesus while He was on earth, fulfilled the first four, right to the exact day: (1) Passover (Lamb), (2) Unleavened Bread (He had no yeast of sin), (3) First Fruits (His resurrection), and (4) Pentecost Empowerment (following time of Jesus’ Ascension). 

Now there are three final Festivals to be fulfilled. The fifth and next event on God’s Calendar is the Fall “Festival of Trumpets” (Yom Teruah) and Goodwin says it is prophetic of the Rapture (Catching Away of Believers to the Marriage Supper).  

So one of these coming years, likely sometime in a September or October, this event will occur. No, we don’t know “the Day or the Hour” but Jesus said we could know the Season. He said to His disciples “Watch and pray.” It is now Year 5777 from Genesis and we’re getting closer to Year 6,000. In fact the changing of Christian and Jewish calendars may erroneously show us behind a few hundred years. However, this helps us not set an exact date but it keeps us ready. At least, it does that for many Whole Bible Believers. 

I leave you, my reader, to research the final two Festivals: (6) Second Coming of our Messiah, (Mt. 24:31,42) and the (7) Millennial Reign  (Mt. 19:6) of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  So Keep looking up for “our Redemption Draws Near” (Luke 21:25 - 28).  Be prepared in life-style, in knowing God’s Living Word, and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Keep listening. The great sound of the Trumpet will call! 

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