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Who Will Be the Next President?
Article 8
I've learned something about running for the U.S. Presidency in this 21st century. You either have to be a billionaire or best friends with one. Then if you have been vetted too hard and for too long, the honeymoon can possibly be over, and the public may decide to look for another Super Man or Woman that is not too well vetted. Later when political parties have chosen their presumptive nominee, and the Presidential debates begin, the hopeful candidates will need several more billionaires to help them with attack ads or to contribute funding night and day with large rally's in an attempt to gain or keep public favor. 
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Psalms 23   •   Part 1
I shall not want.  "The Lord is my shepherd."  Just as sheep feel no anxiety because their shepherd sees their every need, so we express our complete contentment in the knowledge that God will not deny us any legitimate need.  Click here to read more
Psalms 23   •   Part 2
He leads me in paths of righteousness. Righteousness is composed of right thinking, right speaking, and right acting. Click here to read more​
Psalms 23   •   Part 3
Rod and staff, table prepared, head anointed, dwelling with God. As the shepherd rescues a sheep in trouble, can you think of a time when the Lord has rescued you?   Click here to read more
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Why I Will Vote for Donald Trump for President?
Article 7
Here are twelve important points of interest that Rita lists as her reasons for supporting Donald Trump as candidate for President.
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Article Comments:
Thank you for the article.  I pray that it will help clarify issues for many Christians..
Marybeth W.
August 20116