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Article 5
Who Should be Elected for President?

More than a dozen Republicans and a handful of Democrats have announced they are running for their party’s 2016 presidential nomination. Looking at our list of contenders and their many talents, here are questions to reflect upon in choosing one of them for President.
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Article 4
Heaven's Jasper Wall is Like No Other
So why does Heaven, the New Jerusalem, have a wall encircling it? No protection from enemies will be needed, as at last, there will be none. Why a wall? It is a constant reminder of  . . .
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Article 6
Walls on Earth that Protect Us

Building borders between countries has been a topic of importance between many nations and more lately since the French people were so brutally attacked by terrorists on November 13, 2015. Their President, Francola Hollande, recently stated that he will now close his country’s borders to protect his people.  
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In Rita Bennett’s holiday work of prose poetry, she envisions what it would be like if we could have had communication with Jesus when He was a baby. He came to earth in the form of a new born baby, but He really was God who became a perfect human being to live and die for our sins. He offers us the possibility of total forgiveness, eternal life, and a heavenly home, if we by faith, on our earthly journey, accept Him as our Savior and Lord. 
Since our holidays are now over and our New Year has begun, this poetic revision is for a message that you can use as a sharing bookmark or witnessing tool.  Rita uses several of her original prose and poetry compositions to share like this one. It may be with people at restaurants, airplanes, cabs, or while shopping. You too can share the Good News of God’s answer to the struggles that happen in our lives and our world. Jesus is the answer. 
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