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Romans 8:28
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This beautiful mint green book is decorated with golden fire works that will cause you to say, “Wow!” This book will teach you new ways to use The Lord’s Prayer to help yourself and others in life’s choices.  

God will heal your prodigal child-self. It will show you how God loves you even if you return home after straying from your Father’s plan. You will realize how to forgive yourself and others on your journey through life. 

Yes, this book will never grow old because God’s Prayer is eternal. Jesus taught His disciples His Father’s Prayer on the Mount of Olives, and now teaches you. It will bless you through eternity. You and your family need the protection of this Prayer to be gently and clearly led in the decisions each needs to make on their life’s path. You’re on earth to study God’s Word the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible gives us 7,000 years of Biblical History. That’s a real education.
The Lord's Prayer Heals
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Let me tell you a story ... 

"It was a dark, drizzly Northwest autumn evening when I found myself following my wife to the front door of a lady I had never met––and somehow I knew this was my final chance. Final chance at what, you may ask? Let me back up several months to the events that led me to this door on this night . . ."   (click here to read more)

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and meaningful story you will not soon forget!

"Herein are amazingly beautiful vistas of Heaven. The stories came alive for me, affecting me emotionally and spiritually. What a privilege to read about the place where we will live––Heaven. In Part Two of Heaven Tours, I learned a great deal about the book of Revelation that I had never known before."                      Dr. Keith Oles, Professor of Geology

"If we were told to evacuate because of a dangerous oncoming hurricane, the first things I would pack to take with us would be all my Bibles, and my collection of true testimonies of Heaven. Your Heaven book, Rita, are in that category."                                                 Karen Grafton, Orlando, FL
Excerpt by Ned G. taken from Rita's book, "Heaven Tours––Astonishing Journeys"
What is Heaven like? 
Glimpse into eternity by reading fascinating stories of people who have personally toured Heaven or had near-death experiences in which they have witnessed eternal glories and heavenly realities.  You will be comforted, thrilled, and inspired. This book provides a clear biblical teaching and rich commentary that will give reassurance to those who grieve, peace to those who fear death, and renewed faith for those who struggle with doubts about Heaven.  Reading this book is an astonishing journey into truth; it will minister to you and change your life in surprising ways!
Dr. Rita Bennett, Author