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The purpose of this DVD is to give you a 37-minute overview of the Emotionally Free Basic 16-hour Course. Sharing it with your friends, family, and acquaintances will help them understand the important inner healing message that is available for every child of God who struggles and longs for His perfect peace.  

This DVD is also an excellent tool to help spark interest in the Emotionally Free® Course where people can receive healing of deep, emotional wounds and trauma. Dr. Rita Bennett’s message is profound, yet easily understood. With this valuable tool, you will always be ready to help others.
THE HOLY SPIRIT & YOU 9-CD ALBUM SERIES contains the Holy Spirit Message of Empowerment that is needed more in this hour of history than ever before. That is why we are offering you a rare and unique opportunity to hear Dennis teaching you personally about Salvation, Baptism with the Holy Spirit, Supernatural Gifts, and Consecration in this 9-CD album. You will also hear Rita as she co-teaches this comprehensive series of 18 lessons and prayers. Together they will guide and give you fresh material to add to all the other teaching aids available. Dr. Rita Bennett has continued to make available Dennis’s books and CDs since his heavenly Homegoing in 1991. 

THE HOLY SPIRIT & YOU 9-CD ALBUM is available for a limited time for only $60--a $30 savings for the holidays! Purchase your album today at our online store, or call 425-775-1768, or place your request by mail at P. O. Box 576, Edmonds, WA 98020. 
The Rt. Rev. Gregory redirected us from the Jewish Calendar to a new Christian (Gregorian) Calendar. The Christian Calendar now begins with the New Testament Gospel of Matthew and ends with the Book of Revelation. It covers From Jesus’ Birth to His Resurrection Return and Reign – covering approximately 2,000 years. Our Calendar is based on the Sun 365 1/4 days in a year.

The Hebrew Calendar begins with Genesis ending with Malachi. Early Rabbinical Teachers focused on the first five books of their Bible from Genesis to Deuteronomy called the Torah. These are the Teachings God gave to Moses nearly 6,000 years ago. The Jewish calendar that Old Testament Scripture uses is based on the Moon and 360 days in a year. 

Since early Rabbi’s and early Priests made some personal calendar changes, so exacting predictions to the day and hour for the Final Feasts will Not be possible. Only one thing I know for sure is: Yom Teruah i.e. Feast of Trumpets is next on God’s Calendar!  

So we must be proclaiming the Bible, living and praying in the Spirit, and witnessing to others. Finally, keep listening for the very long last trumpet blast!  For more details on the Seven Festivals, click here