with a Biblical Viewpoint
by Dr. Rita Bennett  
ARTICLE 14  •  JULY 2017
Unfolding World Issues
As God's people, we must attempt to see and hear unfolding world issues from biblical perspectives and timing . . .   Click here to read more

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       Interesting comments from Rita about the book
  • Who is the book for?  Children, teens, adults, and seniors who want a deeper relationship with Jesus. 
  • Why have you written this book?  I want others to have the relationship I have with Christ.  You can pray the Lord's Prayer anytime and anywhere.
  • What is special about this book?  Being able to tell people about the Holy Grotto above the Mount of Olives in Israel where Jesus taught his Disciples how to pray the Lord's Prayer is very exciting and life-changing. This is a famous location you can visit today.
  • Why should we buy this book?  Because this prayer is meant to heal your spirit, soul, and body.  It brings your spirit alive when you accept Christ into the core of your being.  Soul healing takes place so you can be healed in your will, intellect, and emotions.  You are able to forgive on a deeper level and it will bring peace into your life, home, and relationships.
  • What difference will it make in our life?  I think your life will be more exciting!  You will see miracles like healed relationships, answers to prayer, spiritual dreams, and the ability to express yourself on a deeper level, in a more creative way.  You need this book and bonuses for safety for yourself and your family.  You'll learn how rewarding it is to pray Jesus' Prayer over a person "reflectively."
​On Life's Journey
Today's Scripture is
Matthew 24:33
(see article below)
Recently I understood why Jesus would indicate that He, the Son of God, would say that He did not know the day or hour He would return to earth.  I realized . . .  
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No One Knows the Day or Hour of Christ's Return
by Dr. Rita Bennett