Our History


Founding of CRA

CRA (originally called Christian Renewal Foundation) is incorporated.  Dennis and Rita Bennett, along with Florence Dressel, begin the ministry of CRA with the mission of "the general dissemination in this state and throughout the world of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with especial emphasis on the renewal of the Christian Church through the work of the Holy Spirit."


Nine O'Clock In The Morning published

Rev. Dennis Bennett publishes his influential book, Nine O'Clock In The Morning, accounting his experiences in the early days of the Charismatic Renewal.  


The Holy Spirit & You published

Dennis and Rita Bennett publish their first co-authored book, The Holy Spirit & You.  The book goes on to become a staple in seminary courses worldwide.


Inner Healing ministry begins

Rita Bennett founds an Inner (Soul) Healing Ministry within CRA.  Together with longtime friend and colleague Shade O'Driscoll, this ministry was eventually developed into the Emotionally Free Inner Healing Ministry, which is now international.


(You Can Be) Emotionally Free published

Rita Bennett publishes her definitive work (You Can Be) Emotionally Free, which becomes the basis for her inner healing ministry for decades to come.  Over 100,000 copies have been sold.


Inner Healing Through The Lord's Prayer course 

Rita Bennett launches her second major course, Inner Healing Through The Lord's Prayer (now The Lord's Prayer Heals) which quickly becomes a cornerstone for the ministry of CRA.


Death of Rev. Dennis Bennett

Rev. Canon Dennis Bennett passes away on All Saints Day (Nov. 1) 1991. Rita assumes sole leadership of CRA and continues the work of ministry that she and Dennis had built over 25 years of marriage.


Rita begins presenting on TBN

Rita begins a ten-year tenure as a presenter on Trinity Broadcasting Network, often bringing in other CRA facilitators as co-hosts or guests.


Emotionally Free in Africa

SOMA-USA (Sharing of Ministries Abroad) partners with CRA to begin teaching the Emotionally Free course in Tanzania.  The course is translated into multiple languages, training of local prayer ministers begins, and the Emotionally Free ministry expands across East Africa.


CRA International

Diana Ingle joins CRA and expands the ministry with the founding of CRA New Zealand, creating an official international branch of CRA for the first time. 


Death of Rita Bennett

Rita Bennett passes away peacefully on May 8, 2021, surrounded by friends and family.  She leaves a legacy of over 50 years of personal ministry and service.

2021 and beyond

Restoration and Renewal

Under the leadership of Diana Ingle, Rita's successor, Christian Renewal Association is relaunched as CRA - Restore.  The legacy of the Bennetts will continue with a 21st-century vision for their timeless teaching on inner healing and the Holy Spirit. 

CRA Archives

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