Legacy Builders Fran and Shade share their experience with CRA and how could impact the future of young people.

Friend of the Bennetts and CRA John Rodham shares his experience with CRA and how he is involved.

Shaun Larkin talks about CRA and its history!

Shirley Wilson shares about CRA and its history!

What is a Legacy Builder?

Our vision is to take the legacy of Rita and Dennis Bennett to the World! 
Rita herself became our first legacy builder by leaving CRA a percentage of her estate to ensure the longevity of this ministry. Her donation has enabled us to re establish CRA on a sure footing, and paid for our recent mission trip to Africa.
As you are probably aware, many of those who need our help or would like to attend our seminars in the USA and Worldwide cannot afford to pay the necessary fees to cover our costs. 
We feel God is inspiring us to invite those who knew Rita and Dennis, or benefitted from their ministry, to become fellow Legacy Builders by leaving a legacy gift (like Rita) in your Will. We suggest a percentage like a tithe. You might like to give 10%, 20% or even more. 
If we get enough people doing this we hope to be able to offer, well into the future, all our services for free to whoever, wherever God sends us to bring his Salvation, Healing, Holy Spirit empowerment and spiritual freedom. That is our hope!

Become part of this special group today by emailing us at [email protected] or writing to us at 
18824 Smokey Point Bvd Suite 105
Arlington, Washington 98223, US

Keep an eye out for our Legacy Builders interviews which we will post on this website.

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