Youth PA Missionary

Worship leader, Tech, Songwriter, Holy Spirit Fanatic. 

About me

I was born in Timaru New Zealand and grew up culturally Catholic. When I had a deep personal encounter with my Lord everything changed. It was at a camp, I was a teen and I was lost. But in being lost I had an encounter so profound, so intimate and powerful, that I could do nothing but just give my life to the Lord, so I did. Called by God, I then became a missionary and continued to serve for years to come.
I've known our CEO Diana Ingle, for around 6 years as she herself has been a vital part of the Lord's work in my life.
I am a Worship Leader, Audio Engineer, "Tech", website and video editor with a passion to grow ministry according to His will.
I will be based in New Zealand  but I'm excited to serve and bring healing to my generation through our Lord Jesus in CRA worldwide. 
If you would like to donate to support Youth Ministry costs for CRA internationally, please click the donate button below and send us an email to say its for Youth.
Please pray for me.