Shirley Wilson

Board Member/Facilitator

I get excited about inner healing (or soul healing) prayer because I know it works. Jesus is the only answer for healing the wounds of our past and for helping us to stand against the enemy in our daily lives. Psalm 142:7 says, Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise Your name. That was my cry before I was healed and I hear it over and over in many others who come to me for counseling. It's such a joy to be set free and an even a greater joy to watch it happen to others. There is no doubt, inner healing prayer draws us into a closer relationship with Jesus and we can give Him all the praise and glory.

When I first met Rita and took her Emotionally Free Course, I knew it was the answer I had been searching for. I had met the Lord at age 32 and received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, but I knew there was more that I needed. It was as if the Lord saw my hunger and led me to the place where I would be fed. I have learned that Jesus knows what we need and He never disappoints.

My first inner healing experience in the Emotionally Free class took me by surprise. I prayed, asking Jesus to heal a teenage memory with a boyfriend. I learned that healing happens when we acknowledge the presence of Jesus in the memory and ask Him for His healing touch. In my case, Jesus not only healed the hurt I presented to Him but healed another relationship as well; one I didn't even know needed healing, my relationship with my mother! After that I was hooked.

I have been working with Rita in the Emotionally Free ministry since 1987, which makes me CRA's oldest teacher and facilitator. In the beginning, I felt totally inadequate for the task, but quickly learned that when the Lord calls you out of your comfort zone, He also equips you for the work. I have received a great deal of healing for both myself and my family; the most significant being my husband's salvation after 30 years of intercession.

I became Director of the Inner Healing Ministry at St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Edmonds, Washington after taking Rita's course. I organized, promoted, and taught the Emotionally Free Course every spring for over 20 years. In addition I am the lead facilitator for Rita's national seminars each summer for the Christian Renewal Association. In my private practice, I am a Certified Counselor and incorporate my inner healing training in my work with hurting people.

I appeared on TBN's Praise the Lord Television Program many times over the years as Rita's co-host. For more than ten years I have published a monthly inspirational article in our church newsletter. Then in 2000 I began writing for the Edmonds Yacht Club (EYC) monthly publication as their Chaplain.

I have written a book, Healing Hearts and Souls, about my experiences in inner healing prayer. This book contains 127 timeless stories, both serious and light-hearted, which cover many topics. All of them illustrate God's desire for total healing for all of His children. The book may be used as a daily devotional or read in any order, depending on one's interest. All of the stories were written to inspire and to encourage emotional healing.

I am the mother of five grown children, ten grandchildren and four great grand children. I live in Edmonds, Washington, with my husband, Dave, a Marine Surveyor and retired owner of Wilson Marine, Inc. We also share our space with our dog, Lilly.

Shirley Wilson - Testimony of Rita and Dennis Bennett and CRA Inner Healing